Allow me to Change my Approach at Work, Home and Play

The focus will not be on the technology as most ML can be commoditised. And ML can write better ML than most humans. Coders need to harness this in their workflow.

The business needs will be app development company presented as a screenplay or lean scene with beginning, middle and end. There will also be more input from the board. In some cases the board will invert and support the workers. In others the bureaucratic machinery will prevail and office politics will hinder and hamper productivity.

Model Development will be like Sonatas. The exposition, development and dénouement reflect the business actions in code, hopefully in a synchronised web software development company manner and at a faster rate than the current coding techniques allow.

Be aware that the rush to data is simply using the Rational mode of management. php development company Ignore intuitive and social modes at your peril. Machine Learning is mashed from the suits who write the scene and the hip orchestra that can play the style(s) required for ML/AI projects to be delivered.So What? – Take 1 – Personal Application

No – not the Miles Davis ’59 quintet number.

I can select which style I want to play. I use a technique similar to musical notation to be transparent and communicate with players, conductors and doormen. I model each PBI as a work note like a musical profile (ADSR) as depicted in digital recording

The analyse phase converts complexity to knowledge. It measures learning. I can then show work notes in a similar way to a musical score. I replace the pitch on the left hand axis with a clipped Fibonacci scale and plan a two-week sprint as below. This changes my workflow model from left to right kanban to knowing what has to be done on each day – and doing it. Play on time & in tune…

I use another aspect of music to allow me to change my approach at work, home and play. I use modes. They are the scales that all songs use. They colour our emotions. Rather than waiting to hear a tune and react I go proactive and select a mode for a particular way to work while retaining my authenticity. When the teams I mentor take part in workshops they play harmoniously – in the same mode. Indian Ragas are similar.

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