TalentQ: Controversy Over Truthfulness Of Claims In New Harvard Business Review Publishing Book — “This Is More Than A Mere Academic Dust-Up”

NEW YORK, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The truthfulness of the claims in noted author and speaker Marcus Buckingham’s new book are being challenged by leading voices in the human resource field. In their book Nine Lies About Work and their excerpted Harvard Business Review article “The Feedback Fallacy,” ADP’s Marcus Buckingham and Cisco’s Ashley Goodall claim that they have “unimpeachable data” that giving employees feedback is unhelpful and “toxic.” They’ve been challenged to defend their claims in a public debate.

Buckingham’s and Goodall’s claims about the value of feedback have been soundly rejected by leading voices in the management consulting and human resources field. “This is more than a mere academic dust-up,” write Drs. Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman in TalentQ (www.talent-quarterly.com). “Well-intentioned managers could be led to behave in ways that would neither contribute to their subordinates’ development, nor to their organization’s success.”

Dr. Steve Hunt directly challenges Buckingham and Goodall’s truthfulness, writing in TalentQ, “It frustrates me when things are presented as truths when they’re really opinions (at best) or self-serving fabrications (at worst).” He adds about their claim that feedback doesn’t lead to higher performance, “This claim is flat-out false. There are hundreds of studies looking at the impact of feedback on performance, and the overwhelming consensus is that feedback improves performance if it’s delivered the right way, in the right conditions.”

“It’s rare to have the veracity of a book by Harvard Business Review Publishing challenged,” says TalentQ publisher Marc Effron, “but we want to give both sides the opportunity to back-up their claims. For that reason, TalentQ magazine has invited Messrs. Buckingham and Goodall to a feedback debate against leading personality psychologist Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and publisher of Consulting Psychology Journal, Robert Kaiser.”

“We will hold this webinar debate on any day and at any time in 2020 that Buckingham and Goodall specify,” says Effron. “And to encourage their participation, we will raise money for Save The Children from everyone who registers for the debate.”

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